The Pantall Hotel - Origin and Early History

May 15, 1888 - Construction begins on the Pantall Hotel and takes 1 year to complete and is labeled as the “showplace of Punxsutawney and Jefferson County”.

The Pantall Hotel at the time was 3 stories high consisting of 1200 Perch Stones, estimated 1 Million Bricks, 185 Windows, and 220 doors.  Along with the hotel there was a 56’ by 60’ stable to accommodate the horses of the guests of the hotel.

1970 - Thomas Barletta along with his brother buy the Pantall Hotel and begin a major restoration project.
The brothers began by first installing new wiring, plumbing, sewage system, etc, things that had to be done so the building could meet the Department of Labor and Industry standards.  23 new fire doors and escapes were also installed at that time.

1975 - The brick structure was entirely sandblasted and re-pointed, the exterior entrance ways were refurbished with new doors and awnings to freshen up its look.  Also at this time 92 total guest rooms were completely remodeled.  The new rooms  featured new bathrooms with molded tubs and showers, new ceilings, wallpaper, wall-to-wall carpeting, new furniture including beds, air conditioning and color television with Punxsutawney’s multi cable hook up.  Improvements were also made in the lobby, business office and store front.

The Pantall’s dining facilities had some of the biggest changes made.  The Coachroom, the main dining room, had a series of improvements making it one of the most popular eating spots in the area.  After the renovation the Coachroom, Candlelight Room, and the Gallery were able to accommodate 350 guests. The Pantall served individual diners and family groups, catered regularly to a number of local organizations and hosted private parties.

1980 - With renovations completed the Pantall Hotel was strongly and proudly serving guests and visitors to the Punxsutawney Area.

1983 - The "Rooftop" Banquet Hall was added.