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Progress of the Reconstruction Efforts -

We continue to press on with the total reconstruction of the hotel. I am constantly asked,” When will it open?” That’s a very difficult to answer with one date. We have finished the structural work including adding another elevator. We have begun studding and dry wall work with the duct work for heating & AC started. Our plan has always been to finish the 1st floor, retail areas, and the rooftop first. Then move on to the hotel rooms. Plumbing, electrical, HVAC equipment is arriving weekly.              

This is a major undertaking for the hotel was left in very, very, bad shape. Some notes:
- The bar/lounge will be twice as large as it once was. The beautiful old bar is still in place.
- The hotel rooms will be totally modern with the latest in furnishings.
- The new restaurant will be in the front of the building.
- The hotel rooms were enlarged and will total 42            

If anyone has questions, please use this website to send them.Thanks to all in our community for your support and we hope not to let your expectations fall short. We will try to be more diligent with frequent updates. Some of the interior recent pictures depict.” Work in process “

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